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glee + this show makes me laugh so hard sometimes

The Warblers are like rockstars. [insp]

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A week ago today I was sat waiting to meet Darren Criss. I’ve waited over four years to meet this man for real and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, but the best part about it was getting to meet him with my best friend Zia, or elderblaineanderson.

If it wasn’t for Darren I’m 99% certain I wouldn’t have Zia in my life like she is today. We met over two years ago at an English Glee Convention after I admitted she was one of my favourite Darren blogs going. Since then she has become by far the most important person in my life, and I seriously have Darren Criss to thank for that.

Getting to meet him and see him perform live with her was honestly a dream come true as cheesy as that sounds, and I couldn’t even imagine meeting him without her by my side. I’m upset I didn’t get to thank him for bringing her into my life, because she is not only my best friend, but she’s my other half and my support system, and I would for sure not be the person I am today without her, she’s made me so much more confident in myself, held my hand when I’ve needed her the most, been the first to celebrate the best parts of my life and all together just been that one person everyone needs in their life.

So, this isnt the typical “I met Darren Criss post” its more of a, “I met Darren Criss and I realised that he’s impacted my life both directly and indirectly”. So thank you Darren, you bought into my life this complete and utter Welsh idiot who I can’t seem to shake. 

darren criss + arms

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are you and meg dating?


God no, I wish we were ;) Nah, me and Meg have been best friends for the last two years and she was my first ever friend. First fandom friend, internet and real life friend. I have always been bullied and she has been the only person that has cared for me since the start of becoming who I am today. She has seen me grow so much and helped
me through so much that I can’t even explain. We have so many memories, and laughter and I love her so much. We joke that we are dating, because we are just so in love with each other and people actually ask us this a lot.

We have known each other for two years and we have only met six times, but each time breaks my heart over and over again. I once went a year without seeing her, I haven’t seen her since yesterday morning and I already want her back. I love her so much and I know she loves me too. If I had the chance, I would date Meg, and she has told me if she was into girls she would date me in a heart beat. My love for meg will never die.

Plus, read what Meg said about me a couple of months back~

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nev & max + not knowing how to deal without one another

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that one celebrity crush that is both the cutest person you have ever seen but also the sexiest motherfucker on the planet


every single time I see this post it’s a different picture of darren criss

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Doctor Who Meme | one doctor : the eleventh doctor.

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Darren Criss Through The Years (via youtube)

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Darren Criss spends the day at Disneyland on June 19, 2014. (Anaheim, California.)

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